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Blog Posts 09.25.16
Speaker Ryan’s trickle down tax plan is “responsible?” It would “create more economic growth?” That’s not what the non-partisan Tax Policy Center said.
Speeches 09.25.16
Tonight, we celebrate great music and renew our commitment to the vision of Sustainable Development Goals.
Press Releases 09.22.16
Once again, I state: Show me your budget, show me your values. As a country, our national budget should be a reflection of what is important to us as a nation, what our values are.
Blog Posts 09.22.16
It’s been a year. One year ago this week, our nation was awoken to the horrible gravity of the Flint Water Crisis.
Press Releases 09.22.16
“Secretary Castro deserves praise for achieving a solution that ensures San Francisco residents at the highest-risk of displacement due to gentrification have priority in newly developed affordable housing."
Press Releases 09.22.16
Long before she became chief of staff to Congressman Al Green, Jacqueline empowered hundreds of people of color to serve on Capitol Hill.
Press Releases 09.21.16
“Good afternoon, everyone. This is a very special occasion indeed."
Press Releases 09.21.16
“House Republicans’ Select Committee to Attack Women’s Health continues to draw from the Joseph McCarthy playbook of corrosive radicalism."
Blog Posts 09.21.16
Stacking the deck for the special interests - and against hard-working families.
Press Releases 09.21.16
The successful relocation of the last families from Camp Liberty marks the beginning of a new and hopeful chapter for families who have suffered terrible persecution and violence.
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